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Jovena Whatmoor


Jovena Whatmoor comes from in-house startup background, with proven expertise in technical recruiting and growth strategies. In addition to her work at Clutch Talent, Jovena organizes the NY JavaScript meetup, helps promote the NYC Startup Job Fair and hosts events for women in tech. Before founding Clutch Talent, she was CEO of Skillfer, a recruitment agency connecting technologists with top NYC startups and providing recruitment marketing strategies to support growing tech companies. She ran Atlas Accelerator’s HR and Recruiting practice, and was employee number ten at Quirky. And, she was one of the creators of NYTechWomen.


Recruitment Marketing Manager

Yiyi is a web designer with a background in the visual arts and non-profit/small business development. Alongside her marketing and events work with Clutch Talent, she manages websites for several organizations including the New Sanctuary Coalition NYC, where she also serves as legal services manager as an attorney specializing in immigration. She organizes events and strategic outreach initiatives as the fundraising chair of Atlas:DIY, a non-profit dedicated to the education and empowerment of immigrant youth in NYC. In her free time, she is a voracious daydreamer who regularly loses herself in Dungeons & Dragons, video games, and fantasy novels.


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